CHAdeMO surpassed 30k charge points in the world, expanding its global reach to 88 countries

CHAdeMO revealed the latest result of global charger count: global presence increased by 28%. 13 new countries joined the CHAdeMO network.
  • With over 32 000 charge points in 88 countries, CHAdeMO remains one of the most popular networks of DC fast chargers on a global scale.
  • 13 countries, including Nigeria, Indonesia, and Oman are now equipped with CHAdeMO chargers.
  • Offering 14 400 charge points, Europe is home to the biggest number of CHAdeMO charge points, while Africa doubled its total in 2019.

CHAdeMO Association’s charger count at the end of Q1/2020 revealed that CHAdeMO continued its strong growth and expanded its global reach in the past year, consolidating its position as a leading provider of DC fast charging technology. The number of CHAdeMO charge points grew 28% over one year, reaching a global total number of 32 300 (Slide 1).

The biggest number of CHAdeMO charge points are found in Europe despite the sudden shutdown of the Corri-Door charging stations, which greatly affected the CHAdeMO EV drivers in France. By contrast, the United Kingdom and Germany reached the 2 000 mark in their charge points, followed by Norway with 1 500 (Slide 2). Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo are the new countries in Europe that deployed their first CHAdeMO charging stations (Slide 3).

The transition towards low-carbon mobility is also happening in developing countries. Africa made a great progress doubling its total CHAdeMO charge points from 23 to 53 – good news for the EV drivers! They can now fast charge their EVs in Ghana, Mauritius, and Nigeria. The total number is still small, but we are excited and looking forward to a change towards greener transport. In terms of new countries with CHAdeMO, we would also like to welcome Guatemala, Paraguay, Iraq, Iran, Oman, Lebanon, Mongolia and Indonesia (Slide 3)!

Trusted for its decade-long market experience and interoperability with impeccable track record of safety, CHAdeMO is committed to advancing global e-mobility by ensuring safe, affordable and timely charging to all EV drivers.

Source: ChargeMap, PlugShare, EAFO, Zap-Map, NOBIL, Girève, GoingElectric, ChargeHub

Slide 1: CHAdeMO Installation in the world
Slide 2: CHAdeMO charge points in Europe
Slide 3: Countries with CHAdeMO chargers

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