CHAdeMO speaks at EVS32

CHAdeMO spoke at EVS32: calling out for further cross-industrial collaboration to advance electro-mobility (and V2X)

At EVS32 in Lyon, CHAdeMO key members made some appearances on the conference side as well. On the 21st of May, in the plenary panel titled “E-Mobility Outlook, from local implementation to international coordination,” CHAdeMO’s Representative Board Member Takafumi Anegawa was invited as one of the speakers amongst the ministers and other high-ranking officials.

Mr. Anegawa explained how collaboration is the backbone of CHAdeMO and emphasised the importance of inter-sectorial collaboration – actors from the automotive, utility and other sectors working together to advance electro-mobility. When asked about his take on how to accelerate EV adoption in the developing countries, he answered that in order to tackle the pressing issue of air pollution in some countries, electric vehicles are indispensable but that there were some local grid constraints to which the EV charging infrastructure needed to adapt, taking India as an example.  He also mentioned that the V2G technology can be effective to help stabilising the grid in these countries and added that the consumers would also have to accept and cope with the changes in their lifestyle when integrating electric mobility in their daily lives.

After this panel, there was a photo shoot of “women in electro-mobility” – a rare occasion! (See Photo 4/4)

The presentation can be viewed by clicking on the image.

On the Scientific Programme side of the EVS conference, Tomoko Blech, Secretary General, CHAdeMO Europe, concluded her presentation on the 20th of May with a call for more V2X-ready products. Her paper at EVS32, titled “DC V2X systems: advantages and evolution” aimed to provide the snapshot of the current market status and product development trends in V2X hardware, taking stock of the international standardisation situation and comparing AC and DC V2X. She was optimistic that more V2X product options are increasingly becoming available both high-end and affordable models, including upcoming V2X power conditioners and power modules by CHAdeMO members such as eNovates/the New Motion, PRE, OVO energy and Wallbox, but alerted that in order to reduce the price and accelerate V2X adoption, many more AC or DC V2X products are awaited, although some standardisation work remains.

While touching on the fact that CHAdeMO is the only international standard that has defined V2X protocol with V2X-ready products already in the market, she mentioned that it did not matter what type of charging protocol/plug you use from the energy market perspective, as long as the grid requirements are met and necessary information is communicated. “It is more important,” she said, “to have many more products available in the market with much bigger volume so that the V2X devices can become more affordable.”

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