CHAdeMO at EVS30: V2X enables at least 3-4 times more battery capacity

CHAdeMO Association has presented its paper "V2X protocol: benefits and world-wide applications" on 11 October at EVS30 in Stuttgart, in which CHAdeMO quantified the battery capacity that an EV can offer to the Grid services with V2X and without V2X (mono-directional smart charging)

CHAdeMO Association has presented its paper “V2X protocol: benefits and world-wide applications” in the session organised by Task 28 of IEA/HEV, titled “V2G as enabling technology  for smarter EV grid integration,” on 11 October at EVS30 in Stuttgart.

In this paper, Tomoko Blech, Secretary General of CHAdeMO Europe, argued that EVs with V2X functionality can offer at least 3 to 4 times more battery capacity to the Grid services, and this ratio can only increase as the battery size increases in the future.

CHAdeMO Association Europe used the below assumptions:

  • battery capacity of 24 to 40 kWh
  • annual driving distance of 14,000 km in the EU
  • energy consumption by driving of 0.12 kWh/km

Whereas mono-directional smart charging without V2X can offer only the spare battery capacity in the battery, or, the capacity the EV had consumed (4.6kWh/day/EV with the above assumptions), an EV with V2X can offer 12-20kWh/day/EV, or 2.6 to 4.3 times more battery capacity to help with the Grid, even if we took a conservative approach and set aside 50% of the battery capacity for driving needs and battery protection.

Tomoko explained the history of CHAdeMO V2X expansion and emphasised that CHAdeMO is the first and the only international DC charging standard that enables V2X with production EVs as well as commercially available power conditioners (chargers).

She has also spoken about several V2X demo and commercial projects around the globe, through which CHAdeMO leads in this innovative domain, while evolving its protocol by reflecting the lessons learned from the market.

Her presentation can be viewed by clicking on the presentation cover on the right, or directly from here.

A Twitter photo courtesy of Cristina Corchero
CHAdeMO presentation at EVS30 can be viewed from here

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