CHAdeMO @ EVS32 2019

CHAdeMO held a joint stand with 10 member exhibitors at EVS32 in Lyon from 19 to 22 May showcasing HPC and V2X products/services.

Commemorating 10 years of CHAdeMO in Europe, CHAdeMO Association  held a large stand located in the middle of the exhibition hall and along the main alley at EVS32 in Lyon. The stand hosted the biggest cluster ever of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) related products by our members eNovates, EVTEC, Hitachi, JAE, Magnum CAP, Nichicon, Nissan, Nuvve, and PRE, demonstrating CHAdeMO’s presence in the V2X domain, where CHAdeMO is the only enabler of such technology with mass-production EVs and power conditioners readily available in the market.  Also quite visible was the high-power charger (HPC) by Signet equipped with the 200A CHAdeMO connector.

The Nissan Leaf’s cut model, showing the “inside” of the best-selling EV, attracted attention of many visitors, including the media. However, the biggest photo shoot was when the “half” Leaf was moving!

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