CHAdeMO @ eMove360 2018

CHAdeMO hosted a shared stand with five co-exhibitors at eMove360 2018 in Munich from October 16 to 18 showcasing the latest CHAdeMO products

This year again from 16th to 18th of October 2018, CHAdeMO hosted a shared stand for our members at eMove360 in Munich with five Co-Exhibitors from across Europe: comemso (Germany), eNovates (Belgium), Intesys (Italy), Magnum Cap (Portugal), and Power Research Electronics (the Netherlands).

While it was a modest 32sqm stand, the latest CHAdeMO products were present: two V2G power conditioners, a slim high-power charger, a CHAdeMO tester, and various high-power and V2G CHAdeMO power modules, and the stand served as a convenient one-stop destination for visitors to meet various CHAdeMO members and catch up on the evolution of the protocol.

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