CHAdeMO to celebrate 10 years in Europe

CHAdeMO held its 10th Annual Member Meeting in Europe during EVS32, celebrating 10 years and almost 10 000 charge points in Europe with 80 members from over 40 member organisations.

CHAdeMO’s 10th Annual Member Meeting took place during EVS32 in Lyon. This year, around 80 participants from 43 CHAdeMO member organisations across the sector participated, and the 2nd part of the meeting took the form of a V2G workshop, co-hosted with the IEA (International Energy Agency) HEV Task Force 28. Throughout the sessions, the leaders of CHAdeMO and its members, the leading stakeholders of electro-mobility, exchanged around the strategic direction and development of CHAdeMO.

Takafumi Anegawa, Representative Director and President-candidate of CHAdeMO Association opened the meeting looking back on the 10 years behind CHAdeMO and putting its contributions into perspective. Dave Makoto Yoshida, Secretary General of CHAdeMO Association, presented CHAdeMO’s global strategy and technology road map, in which he elaborated on the status of the CHAdeMO-CEC collaboration project and informed the participants that there are a number of European and American OEMs and charger/component manufacturers taking active parts in this initiative.

Five of the Association’s new members volunteers to present their company (Aoneng, Ekoenergetyka, e-Space, Uniform and wallbox) and shared their motivation for joining CHAdeMO this year, following which, Tomoko Blech, Secretary General, CHAdeMO Europe, spoke about the mission and activities of CHAdeMO Europe for and by the European members. Brice Fabry from Nissan Europe, the current CHAdeMO Europe President company, has given a pitch to ensure their strong support for and continued investment in CHAdeMO and electro-mobility, with glimpses of the projects Nissan Europe is engaged in. He then asked the members in the room to continue delivery as they have always done in the past decade.

Dale Hall, Researcher, International Council on Clean Transportation, then presented his data on the worldwide fast charger deployment and shared his insights. For example, the way charging infrastructure develops varies greatly amongst the cities and countries with highest EV-adoption. He also talked about how fast charging is done close to home, contrary to the popular belief that they are used on long trips (more information on their website).

The second part of the meeting was held as the final workshop for IEA-HEV’s Task Force 28 (Home grids and V2X technologies). Cristina Corchero, IREC, kicked off the workshop with the overview and key outcomes of the task force. Marco Landi from Innovate UK presented the UK’s ambitious investments on V2G projects (£30m for 20 projects) and shared some emerging finding from the series of projects. The big message, according to him, is that V2G business case works, but not for all types of customers, and that hardware supply and cost remains a constraint.

After more reports from the UK (e4Future project by Myriam Neaimeh , Newcastle University) and Switzerland (PV and EV research experience, Duglas Urena, Bern University of Applied Sciences), CHAdeMO members Fabrizio Gasbarri, Enel X, and Rob De Vogelaere, eNovates, shared their experience on VGI and how to handle safety in V2G chargers respectively. CHAdeMO members can find the presentation materials in the members pages –> General assembly.

The general meeting was preceded by the Technical WG meeting exclusively for CHAdeMO’s Regular members. The technical workshop materials, including the general specs of ChaoJi and its development plan, can be found in the members pages –> Technical workshop

The exchange acts as a catalyst for networking for the various stakeholders in the room, as always, although we wish we had extra time for networking. Something to think about for our future meetings.


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