Almost 1 million CHAdeMO vehicles in the world

According to the statistics provided by, there are 922,728 plug-ins equipped with a CHAdeMO plug around the globe as of the end of 2019

According to, the global total number of plug-ins (BEVs and PHEVs) on the roads today (cumulative 2008-2019), including LCVs, was 7.8 million, of which over two thirds (68%) were BEVs and one third (32%) PHEVs.

There are almost a million CHAdeMO-equipped vehicles in the world – 922,728 to be more precise – at the end of 2019, and the biggest number of CHAdeMO-equipped plug-ins are found in Europe (426k). Thank you, our users in Europe! The second largest population of CHAdeMO EVs are in Asia-Pacific (308k), followed by the Americas (188k). Together with Tesla models that can use CHAdeMO chargers via an adapter, CHAdeMO chargers around the world can now serve up to 1.7m plug-ins in the world!

If we looked at the fast-chargeable BEVs only (4.3m in total, 80% of all BEVs), the biggest inlet share goes to GB/T (40%), followed by Tesla’s 19%, CCS 17% (14% CCS + 2% Tesla Model3 for EU, after rounding), CHAdeMO 15%, Type2-AC (4%) and other (5%). With the 300k plug-in hybrids that are CHAdeMO-chargeable CHAdeMO comes second after GB/T in the overall inlet share.

CHAdeMO Association’s President, Takafumi Anegawa said, “Almost a million CHAdeMO is quite impressive. I would like to thank each one of them for their trust in us.”

CHAdeMO Association’s latest protocol, CHAdeMO 3.0 (to be published in a few months’ time), will achieve hardware harmonisation with China’s GB/T (Project ChaoJi). This means there will be a new plug (much smaller and lighter than the current CHAdeMO or GB/T), which will be backward compatible with both current GB/T and CHAdeMO vehicles and chargers. We are happy to be part of the driving force towards the harmonisation of standards, while protecting the interest of the current EV users and infrastructure stakeholders.


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