GA & Conference


The CHAdeMO General Assembly is held annually in Tokyo, Japan.

GA and conference


We moved 2018 General Assembly to the Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba and held on 30th May.  At the general meeting, a lecture was given by the METI on efforts on the spread of next-generation vehicles, and at the reception, the latest Global EV Outlook 2018 was reported from the IEA.


The 1st General Assembly, after becoming a general incorporated association, will be held on 31st of May, 2017.  Seminar includes a lecture on EV/PHV Roadmap by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and another on building Virtual Power Plant by Agency for Natural Resources and Energy.


6th General Assembly was held on 1st of June, 2016. Seminar topics included next generation vehicle promotion, future of connected cars, expectations in energy business and e-mobility, and CHAdeMO Europe activities.


5th General Assembly was held on 8th of June, 2015. The Assembly included seminars on advanced technology for next generation vehicles & infrastructure and on V2H system.


4th General Assembly was held on 20th of May, 2014. It commented on CHAdeMO’s being published as an IEC international standard and  presented the association’s activities and achievements in the past year.


3rd General Assembly was held on 22nd of May, 2013. CHAdeMO’s accomplishments for 2012 and new strategy for 2013 were presented. Included in the meeting was a panelist discussion of “Expectation and contribution for the charging infrastructure promotion project”


2nd General Assembly was held on 22nd of May, 2012. Key achievements, including 1,000 fast charger installations, and action plan for 2012 were presented.


First General Assembly was held in 2011, highlighting activities and achievements of the first year of CHAdeMO Association.


The CHAdeMO Europe Secretariat holds annual Conferences around Europe.



8th Conference was held on 11th of October, 2017 during EVS30 in Stuttgart, Germany. The meeting briefly reviewed the CHAdeMO history, updated CHAdeMO activities as well as discussed new initiatives in the e-mobility market.


7th Conference was held on 19th of October, 2016 during eCarTec in Munich, Germany. The brought together stakeholders across the e-mobility market chain for half a day exchange about the updates on CHAdeMO activities and the association’s plans for the coming year, as well as an opportunity to introduce and meet new member companies.


6th Conference was held on 20th of October, 2015 during eCarTec in Munich, Germany. The meeting focused on CHAdeMO activities overview and organisation strategy, including technical roadmap.


4th Conference was held on 20th of November, 2013 during EVS27 in Barcelona, Spain and was an opportunity to introduce new European Secretariat to European members as well as to exchange and learn about fast charging. Presenters and participants actively joined in technical discussions and learned about emerging business models around fast charging.


3rd European Conference was held on 19th of February, 2013 in Brussels, Belgium to commemorate the continuous growth of CHAdeMO charger network. The conference was organized to discuss on charger deployments and regional case studies.


2nd CHAdeMO European General Assembly was held in 2011 before the start of annual European Conferences. Members of CHAdeMO led the meeting with company presentations.

  • Amsterdam elektrisch
  • Endesa
  • EON
  • ESB
  • IBM
  • Nissan
  • Development status of CHAdeMO quick charger connector
  • PSA
  • RWE
  • Siemens
  • Volvo
  • Yazaki


First CHAdeMO European members meeting was held on 10th of December, 2010 in Madrid, Spain. It consisted of discussions on standardization activities and EV sales forecasts.

  • Certification
  • Connector
  • Standardization schedule
  • Specification
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV sales plan
  • DC charge coupler in Europe (Yazaki)