CHAdeMO technological strengths

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User-friendly Connector inletCHAdeMO features connecting devices, consisting of a connector on the charger side and an inlet on the vehicle side. They have been designed to ensure the optimal balance between ergonomics performance, simplicity, and charging capability.

The connector interface is round-shaped and 70 mm in diameter.

The dedicated DC inlet design allows CHAdeMO to keep the weight of coupler comfortably light for customers’ everyday easy use.

The connector is manufactured and distributed by various global suppliers that have gone through extensive testing processes and years of design and development before the market deployment. As for normal AC charging, CHAdeMO-compatible vehicles utilize Type 1 or Type 2 connector (IEC62196-2), depending on the local standards. The AC and DC inlets can be independently positioned on the sides or front of vehicles.

It is a common practice in electrical equipment industry to differentiate the geometrical design of the connecting interface when higher power level is required. CHAdeMO follows this practice. Using dedicated connectors for different types of electricity is the industry’s common wisdom to avoid any confusion by customers.

Using a single connector combining AC normal charging and DC fast charging could lead to a smaller geometry on the vehicle side, but might not mean the compactness of the connector held by customers. The independence between the AC and DC inlets of CHAdeMO has a clear advantage of allowing a flexible vehicle design especially considering the wireless AC charging technology in the future.

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