Certification test


The purpose of CHAdeMO certification system is to:

  • Confirm that the charger complies with CHAdeMO specification.
  • Secure interoperability between charge and vehicle.

The CHAdeMO logo is the proof that the charger has passed CHAdeMO certification test. Certified chargers are listed in our website.

Fig1. Concept of certification test

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  • Certification system started in 2010.
  • Certification items consist of basic circuit requirement, control sequence and communication protocol.
  • The number of certified models has reached 100 and it is the only certification system for fast charger in the world.

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Procedure to obtain CHAdeMO certificate

There are five steps for charger manufacturer to obtain CHAdeMO certificate.

Step1: Application for CHAdeMO regular member

Apply for CHAdeMO regular member and receive CHAdeMO specification document.

Step2: Product development

Develop product based on CHAdeMO specification.

Step3: Submission of application form

After product development completed, send an application form to have a certification test.

Step4: Certification test

Certification test is conducted at any of the accredited third-party certification organisations listed below. Applicants can select one of the registered certifying bodies, and any details of certification test such as schedule, venue, testing arrangement, and cost should be determined between the applicant and the certifying body.

Step5: Receive Certificate

If the product passes the test, the applicant will receive CHAdeMO certificate.

Fig. 2 Certification machine

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Certification body

  • Idiada (Spain)
  • UL Japan (Japan)
  • TUV Rheinland Japan (Japan)
  • JET (Japan)
  • TERTEC (Taiwan)

*Please determine the schedule, location, procedures, expenses, etc. with the certifying body.

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