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Optimal output power

In determining the maximum power of DC fast charger two factors that present a typical tradeoff between cost and benefit need to be considered: the cost of securing that maximum power at the charger location, and the time it takes to charge the battery, given the maximum power,

Securing the power to the charger incurs not only the cost of the charger power unit but also the cost of connection to the grid, which typically depends on the strength of the grid in a given country/region. In this context the majority of utility companies around the world support CHAdeMO’s view in eventually setting the most appropriate power level at 50KW.

In the future, as the cost of the power units decreases and the performance of the battery improves, faster and higher power chargers could be needed. The conductor geometry of CHAdeMO connector is designed to allow for 200A, which means it can almost double its power level to adapt to the market environment as necessary.

However, the issue of grid strength could remain unsolved. For that there are some CHAdeMO chargers that require much less output power, which can be an ideal solution in certain urban or commercial areas where access to higher power is not readily available. This flexibility on both ends of the spectrum, a higher power solution in the future and a more practical solution for the moment, reflects the knowledge that members of CHAdeMO have accumulated from experience  as well as the responsiveness of the standard to the changing conditions and needs of the market.

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