CHAdeMO technological strengths

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Compatibility with Smart Grid

The mass deployment of Electric Vehicles very often goes hand in hand with an increasing share of renewable energy production. The grid and the charging technology which connect the two worlds need to respond to both.

To make sure that it does not result in additional strain on the grid, smart grid initiatives are here to ensure that the high level of communication and intelligence is implemented and to allow the charging to stop when it pushes demand beyond acceptable cost levels or supply capacity.

CHAdeMO allows bi-directional charging, and it is capable of addressing efficiently the future needs of the market, it is ready for Vehicle-to-Home systems (V2H).

Battery Electric Vehicles have large state of the art batteries that are an extremely valuable asset for Vehicle to Grid (V2G) or Vehicle to Home (V2H) applications. Nissan and Mitsubishi have already announced the availability of their V2H systems operating with the CHAdeMO protocol and connector. One application is to let this V2H system connected through Home Energy Management System (HEMS) with the roof top photovoltaic panel and communicate with it for the optimal charge and discharge pattern. This is yet another evidence that CHAdeMO is already addressing the needs of both today and tomorrow.

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