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CAN communication Trusted & provennext

CAN communication Trusted & provenThere are limited differences between fast chargers and normal chargers as both transform AC to DC and charge the battery with DC current. The battery and charger control unit manage the DC charging using a physical communication network on the vehicle called CAN. The only major difference is that for fast charging the equipment used to transform AC to DC is installed externally on the curb side but the concept remains similar as with normal charging.

Today, and on a daily basis, CAN is used as the preferred onboard communication network for all EVs as well as conbustible cars and thus recognized as the most reliable and proven solution over a number of years and across regions. Considering the advantage of being aligned with the operation of other vehicle control functions in the vehicle, CHAdeMO elected to remain within this known and trusted environment and use the CAN protocol therefore ensuring maximum safety and reliability to the users.

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