Our prospects

Future Volume Assumption of CHAdeMO fast chargers and EVs

More fast chargers will be required in the future along with EV penetration in the global market. The predictions are that there will be 6 MM Electric Vehicles by 2020, and 200,000 fast chargers installed globally.

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Installed public fast charging infrastructures

Map of Europe


Map of US

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Why CHAdeMO is implemented by so many?

Already today, a number of countries and regions around the world are experiencing advanced e-mobility solutions using CHAdeMO fast chargers, and the number continues to grow.

Why is CHAdeMO implemented by so many?

It is because our “DC fast charging” solution is matching the needs of all stakeholders including drivers, suppliers, installers, utilities, municipalities, and automakers. Because of the market competition between different charger manufacturers, infrastructure cost has become more and more affordable, while offering more value added service to EV users.

Many regions have already acknowledged the benefit of DC fast chargers while an average of 100 additional units is being commissioned every month. More than 900 CHAdeMO chargers are in full operation in Europe today.

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