You have the same ambition? Then join us!

The association has three classes of membership; Regular Member, Supporting Member and Special member.

  • ・Regular Members carry out business activities at the Workshop level but not at the Executive Board level.
  • ・Supporting Members are those members who work to refurbish and promote the charging infrastructures.
  • ・The administrative, Non-profit and other bodies approved by the Executive Board can join the Association as observers.

Conduct business activities at the Executive Board are managed by Secretary Members.

Secretary Members:

  • ・Toyota Motor Corporation
  • ・Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
  • ・Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
  • ・Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
  • ・Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc.
  • ・Hitachi, Ltd.
  • ・Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
  • ・Panasonic Corporation

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Benefits of membership

Regular members

  • ・Access to Technology Workshop and Infrastructure Workshop
  • ・Right of carry out business activities at the Workshop level
  • ・Access to engineering information about the charging protocol
  • ・Access to update to the standard specifications as they are compiled at the Technology and Standard Workshop.
  • ・One voting right at meetings of the General Assembly

Supporting Members

  • ・Access to reviews and relevant information evolving from the Infrastructures Workshop.
  • ・One voting right at meetings of the General Assembly


  • ・Access to sessions of the Infrastructure Workshop

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Member dues

The fiscal year of this Association shall commence on April 1, each year and end on March 31 of the following year.

Members shall pay the annual membership dues specified below. In the event that a registered member loses its membership status whether voluntarily or otherwise, this Association shall not be obligated to refund to them paid membership dues and other contributions.

  • ・Executive Members: ¥900,000
  • ・Regular Members: ¥500,000
  • ・Supporting Members: ¥100,000
  • ・Observers: no dues

Notwithstanding, among Supporting Members, a corporation or an association that deploys quick chargers for public use and commercializes the charging services shall be exempted from paying the annual membership dues.

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